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My Wooden box idea

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Nov 17, 2001
Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA

Please forgive the crude drawing, its the best I could do.

Eventually I would like to build something like this.

First you will notice it will be substantially "Tall" because it will be high enough to accomodate a shrouded heater core and two 120mm fans. (or 3, dpeending on noise control)

What I am aiming for here by keeping the reservoir on top is unrestricted airflow throught he bottom, comming from the radiator and out the back.

I would also most likely pad the interior of the "wind tunnel" with either carpet or carpet padding, or possibly other sound dampening material that doesn't cost alot of money.

The reason the cors are shown as diagnol when switching levels of course is so they won't kick from a straight drop, as I plan to run them secured to the floor/cieling of both levels respectively.

I also may decide to simply sweat some elbows onto the core itself along with any necesarry pipes and stick that directly through the floor of the first level so my hoses stay on that level and guaranteed won't kink.

The diagram should be easy to follow I think, water leaves the res, comes back down from the CPU and to the core where it gets cooled and returns to the res.

I imagine that my reservoir will be much bigger than it is in the picture or maybe not at all. that depends.

The box would of course be mounted to my case and the computer would sit on it.

Another interesting option this leaves open is the ability to actually make 2 cooling chambers later on, if I decide to cool my CPU, and GPU/Northbridge (I've seen RAM waterblocks too!) but want to keep the CPU isolated from the rest of the other parts for obvious reasons.

I could split the bottom level into two pieces, each with it's own bottom fan to bring air into the chamber and exhaust, or the same process the other way around (suck air and exhause out bottom which would probably suck, lol)


What do you guys think ?? It's a pipe dream for me right now but I like to think this crap up :)
Looks pretty nice, but I'd put the radiator in the back, on the exhaust fan...this will help avoid the box getting as warm as it would in the picture. Wood is actually an insulator...yellow pine (common lumber) is R-7, I believe.

But the box will work great, mine did. ;)
Ya that is true, I was thinking about that.

Do you think an aluminum lining could help stop the wood absorbing heat ? that would be neat.

it'd also be neat to design some sort of air filter section, where the air gets cleaned up before going through the rad, without effecting performance and stuff.

I was also thinking that I could have two series of copper pipes runniing through it, one to function as a fill spout, and one to function as a drain to empty to system.

That would be neat. You could even cit out a side of the box, and put acrylic, or some other clear product that can resist chemicals eating through em, and them seal it up all water tight and make that a clear res, makes filling easier that way too.

too bad there isn't a market for thinking this crap up to make serious money, and too bad I don't have the balls :eek:
The point isn't that the wood would absorb heat, it would keep it from getting out, unless you had some quite good fans. If you put the radiator on the exhaust fan, then the heat would be leaving the case immediately, and you could then run the fans at 7 volts.

A filter chamber isn't a bad idea, though the fan taking in the air would still get dirty/clogged up. The filter should be on the outside of the intake fan. The black plasic framed ones are nice, and don't use the fans bolts to hold it together, which makes cleaning it easier.
Yes that is what I was thinking about.

I could have a filtered intake fan in the front,

then maybe half way through find or manufacture an appropriate sized air filter, and then have the rad on the exhaust fan.

That would be an excellent idea