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My xp 1600. seems decent. suggestions?

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Oct 31, 2002
Hey all. I just did some light reading on this forum waiting for my dinner to cook and of particular interest was starfoxor and his description of steppings. the entire post proved interesting and quite a good read.

My cpu.

Ax 1600 mt3c
agoia 0212xpuw

Now, From what i read, this means i indeed have an xp 1600+ with 1.75 vcore, 256 k cache and a max operating temp of 90ºC.

I have agoia y stepping, but the xpuw has me confused. what does this mean?
I also assume the number after the y represents my cpu's number.

I have this unit running right now at 1.85 vcore with 170 mhz fsb rock solid. no unlocking. The max operating temp has me intriged about how this will handle much higher speeds. I tried to get it to run at 2 ghz with 180 mhz fsb * stock 10.5 multiplier. It doesnt appear to appreciate that too much. but i wonder if it is freezing due to a lack of voltage or a heat issue. any higher than 174 mhz causes the system to freeze after post and summery. starting windows made it restart at 172 and i can only get her stable at 170.

any ideas?

apparently, I have a pretty sweet chip here, and i would love to see it hit 2 ghz.

Today, before i went to work, i took it upon myself to design and build a little air duct to force feed my cpu with cool, fresh air. I took my two existing 80 mm case fans and made a cardboard ducting system that routes their air into my volcano 9 which i lapped REALLY good tonight. it is mirror like now which im sure it helping it a fair bit. at 1.81 ghz, I am idleing at 39ºC and running max load of 51ºC. I took one of my exaust fans and made it another intake so my case gets some cold air. system never runs higher than 50 on my kt 400 powered msi.