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My XP2000 finally unlocked

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Sep 18, 2002
Austin, Texas

:D :D :D

Right now, taking it slowly. Have it on 11x150 when I couldn't reach 145 locked earlier. Let the fun begin.. :drool:
Nice one! Brown too... easier less chance of damage! Unlike someone on these forums who I spent days with trying to unlock, who thought he had killed his CPU almost from the amount of scratches!
Have fun. I finally messed mine up so bad that it doesn't matter what multiplier you select it just uses the 14x multiplier which is kinda funny if you think about it. Mine was green and yours appears to be brown. Heres what I got before I decommissioned my xp2000 (All aggressive settings for mem and ram).

11x 169
11.5x 166
12x 153
12.5x 146
14x 133 but not stable with prime95 now.

I also had it running at 1800MHz w/ 1.6 vcore stable, but had same heat output so I think that my mb was lying about vcore.
egh, pushed it from 11x160 to 11x170. Lets just say my computer didnt like it too much. My system folder was missing/corruped and had to copy that crap all from my windows cd(which happened earlier last week when i changed too many settings at once. You'd think i would've learned the first time. :p )

Ok, lets do this slowly, lol.

btw, what should i set my multipliar? 10,10.5,or 11
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