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Mystery problems?!?!

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Jan 4, 2002
Hi all,

I have had one of my systems running smooth and very stable for a few weeks, the specs are below. Tonight, while playing Unreal tournament, I was kicked back to windows desktop and then comp froze. I have run all kinds of benchmarks in the last 2 weeks and I have played games with absolutely not one problem. So I thought this might be some freak thing. So I restarted my comp and tried again. After a few minutes the same thing happened. now I get sporadic general protection faults, lockups, and thrown back to windows! What the h#$* could be happening? I have not had a problem in the last 2 weeks since putting my system together. The only thing that has changed in the system is the new Network card I put in 2 days ago. I dont think this is the problem because, Comp was working fine after nic installation up intill a few hours ago. I am just puzzled. Anyone have any ideas??


IWILL XP333 w 256mb kingston pc2700
Athlon xp 2000+ @ 144*12.5 ( 1800Mhz)
ATI Radeon 8500 @ 300/300*2
Maxtor 20g ata 133 HD
Linksys NIC card
plent of cooling cpu never goes above 43c under load and Video card is extremely cooled.
could be a virus- couldn't hurt to check.

Take a look at your CPU and video card heatsinks- make sure they are attached correctly. Although they don't usually fall off on their own, it could happen I guess:)

Might want to monitor you voltages also- sometimes PSUs die slowly and painfully and things like this happen.

Good luck man
if all else fails, backup some files and reinstall windows. if it still crashes, u got a bad mobo. I did that once when I was getting poor performance, turns out my mobo was bad