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Mystery Video Card

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Jul 26, 2001
Birmingham, AL
i just bought some form of a Radeon today. It's 32 mb of DDR RAM, so i'm not sure if it's an LE or a regular one. It only has a heatsink over the chip, so i'm guessing it's an LE. The store i bought it from "lost the drivers" so can i still download the regular Radeon drivers or do i have to get special LE ones if it is in fact an LE. any tweaked drivers out there you guys recommend besides the one from ATI's web page. and, if it is in fact an LE, where can i find the registry hack and all that good stuff i need to do to crank it up. please hurry and answer, i wanna get this bad boy up and running.
Rage3d.com has quite a few drivers. As far as I know, all the Radeon drivers work for any version of the Radeon
oh, i found some more stuff on the card....even though it jsut has a heatsink, it does have a S-Vid out and some white plug (sorry, not that familiar with this)...this leads me to believe it's a regular radeon 32mb DDR...what are the lines for the registry hack? (i'll do some reserach myself, but i'd rather be lazy and have you guys tell me :) ) and powerstrip is a good thing to use to overclock it?
I think you have the LE or VE model. I'm pretty sure no regular DDR's have a tv-out. Sorry to break the news. Raid-On Tweaker 5.1 is good for overclocking Radeons. I'm not sure about Powerstrip. You can also use Raid-On Tweaker to see which version you have. If it's clocked at 164, you've got the regular one. If it's 143 or so, you've got either the LE or VE
arg I cant remember where it is but there is an fcc search engin that you can enter the fcc code into (every card has one) and it will tell you exactly what you have. Try to search for the search engin (or go to www.techtv.com and try to search their that where I saw it)
Search for ZuckGou:) he can help you with the hack

I say use powerstrip over radeon tweaker but it is my preference and R tweaker would not work for me in XP Pro

Cisco Kid:D
this whole mess would have been solved if you asked the people you bought it was what it was or hadnt bought a card you had no idea about. you can get major ripped off that way!
sounds like a radeon ve to me

can't be a regular, and the ve has those other ports you describe. And, unfortunately, the ve is not like the le...you cant do a registry tweak.

I have one in my hand now, look at the back of the card for the label with the barcodes. What is the first line?

Is it "RV100 SD32M"?
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