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NE1 funnelled a 92mm or 120mm onto a MC462?

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Feb 22, 2001
Has anyone funnelled a 92m or 120mm fan onto an MC462? I think this might be the quietest solution while still being extrememly effective at cooling. even if the new Thermalright SK-6 or the Glaciator have great numbers, the mounting method on the MC462 is a lot safer for the chip, especially if the machine gets moved a lot. I am still determined to have my cake and eat it too. I WILL decommission my Delta.
If you try a 92mm fan, i highly recommend the Sanyo Denki 92x32mm 55cfm. It performs better in the presence of static pressure than the other brands of 92x25mm fans and would be a good choice for adapting down to an 80mm HS.

I went to the local hardware store and bought some 24ga copper sheet used for roof flashing. It bends easily and better yet, you can solder the seams. You don't need tin snips to cut it, just a good pair of Fiskars. Here's a picture of an adapter i made that works great. It took about a $1.00 worth of copper, some modeling with posterboard and a couple of hours time.

You posted the pics and info on this funnel last week when I asked users to "Please share funnelling experiences". I went to Home Depot and found aluminum flashing and made a copy of your copper funnel. I tried a dumpy stock 80mm Protechnic case fan and it was crap compared to the Delta, but it only does like 20 cfm if I'm lucky. My temps plateaud about 17F higher than with the Delta. What a testimony for having good airflow! It was more of a proof of concept model than anything, and a good learning experience. I am going to buy an assortment of high quality, hgih volume fans in different sizes for my experiments. Thanks for the recco on the fan in your post above.
Since the MC462 is built to easily mount an 80mm fan on, I figure that funnelling a bigger one onto it could only be better, plus compensate for the dead spot in the center of the fan.
Before I started the Cohesive Air Cooling experiment, I was going to spec some different 92mm fans adapted to the MC-462A. After I made the adapter, I got off on one of my many tangents and wound up spawning the Hoot Chute instead. You don't need to buy a lot of different 92mm fans. I already did and that SD 92x32 is the best. Try one as your first effort. I know Millisec.com sells them. I'd hold off on the 120s until you've tried that SD 92x32.