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Need 17 more 3dmarks!!!!!!!......

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Mad Butter

Jul 24, 2001
Hey guys........I was looking at mad onion and there was only 1 post for the voodoo 5 5500.......I have one also and his score was 2611 and I have 2550.......I need like 17 more points to beat him........I can't find a way of getting it.......I've overclocked it to 185......That's as high as it can go without locking up.......I dont know what to do........And does anybody know how you can make it so the engine clock control and memory speed are seperate in powerstrip........It synchronized both memory and engine clock to move up at the same time......I can't find an option to seperate them......
what's your system specs?
i'm not that great at benching yet but we might be able to get you a few more points :)

edit: as far as i know you can't serparate the core and ram on voodoo cards. i might be wrong though.
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Here it is!!!

Hey.......My computer is pretty much near top of the line.......I dont know why I'm getting such a bad score.....Because of my voodoo 5 5500 someone told me........Anywayz.........Here it is:

AMD Athlon XP 1900
512DDR Kingston Ram
Modified case with lots of fans.....Fine and cool
Western Digital 40GB hard drive (7,200rpm)
Plextor Cd burner (12/10/32)
Oops.........Left 2 things out........

1. Sound Blaster Audigy (Gamer)
2. Voodoo 5 5500 AGP
thats definatly not near top of the line. bad mobo for overclocking. can get much faster cpu's.
oh and the low score is because of the voodoo. even my gf4 440mx destroys it.. but that doesnt matter.

is the cpu overclocked?
what about the ram timings?
what's your memory timings at in the BIOS?
i gained 200 points by setting my ram to turbo. (some say Ultra)

did you overclock the FSB? i would try raising the FSB up a few points if you can. i think 140Mhz, maybe 142Mhz should be good for a few points.
turbo usually doesnt work on k7s5a's and ultra has never worked for me.
also, you dont have the option to bump up the fsb a few mhz at a time. all you've got is 133,142,147,150, and 166 which never works.
My CPU and ram are not overclocked.........Only my vid card is overclocked.........And is it true that you can't seperate the core clock speed and ram apart with voodoo's in powerstrip......I need a program where you can seperate them......
overclock the processor first.
like john240sx said, i dont think you can adjust the core and memspeed seperatly on voodoo cards. its not powerstrips fault, its the voodoo card, they are both tied together i think
I dont think you can!

I looked in the Bios and I dont think you can.......You can underclock it but I dont think you can overclock it.......Maybe I'm wrong......I looked though.......
yes i heard in a recent thread actually that the Voodoos had to be synchronous....and yeah cpufsb should work, i think my friend flashed his bios with teh overclocking one and can now get 138 and 142 to work, try it :)...also try to make the ram timings cas2 or turbo or whatever, its worth a shot
cpufsb works without flashing the bios. so try that.
For me, flashing the bios didnt make any difference whatsoever, because the highest i could go was 143.7fsb with, or without the overclocking bios.

try cpufsb, that will definatly get you your 17 3dmarks
check ur math of how many more points you need. Did you disable the screens between tests? I don't know anything about your mobo, but if you can, unlock your athlon and crank up that fsb. 3dmark is really FSB dependent. Tha's why a lot of the top scores for cards use pentiums. BUt they sold their souls for a few more pints :D :cool:
the k7s5a doesnt have multiplier selection.
an unlocked cpu just runs @ it's defult.

but yeah, thefrag is correct - any 3d game/demo is very fsb dependant. use cpufsb to crank up your fsb to 138 or 142. mabey even 150 if your board can handle it

Thanks so much guys........I have good cooling so this should work nicely.......And where might you be able to download this program cpufsb??? Hx so much guys.........What should i start out when i overclock........i want to strart out in small incriments.......I dont have money for a new processor.......lolthx guys........
you motherboard doesnt really allow extreme ocing lol...start out at 138 fsb which should easily give you the 17 marks
Mad Butter said:
2611 and I have 2550
You actually need 61 points. Anyway, just up your FSB a little and you are there! lol, battle of the voodoos.............