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Need a decent low-profile AGP card for DoW: SoulStorm

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Folding/SETI/Rosetta Team Member
Oct 20, 2005
Hi everybody:

A coworker of mine has an older Dell with a P4 1.8 GHz, 512 MB RAM, and a Rage128 16MB card :D. His video card is obviously way too old to play Dawn of War, and his machine will only take low-profile AGP cards (and only supports AGP 4X) :bang head.

What would be a good low-profile card for his system? He just wants to play the single-player campaign mode, and will be building a new system in a couple of months so he only wants to spend up to $40 for a video card for this system. Currently with the Rage128 nothing displays on screen when he tries to play DoW, something about his current card not supporting T&L or something.

Something like this is about as good as you're gonna get anymore, unless you feel like trolling up a 9600 on eBay. (There are a few on there now, 64mb non-pros, and some 9600SE's as well, but I believe the latter are pretty much the same as the 9550.)
The local store by our work only had one low-profile AGP card, an FX5200, and it didn't include the bracket. He didn't want to wait by ordering a card online, so instead he bought a regular PCI 256mb 6200 yesterday and said it's playing DoW fine (at least the first one). I don't know if it'll handle Soulstorm but he says he's planning on building a new system in a couple of months anyways, this 6200 is an EVGA card so perhaps he can use the step-up to get a better card at that time. This guy is a Warhammer fan so I'm glad he's able to run the game now. :beer: