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Need a fan to replace noisy Delta 38

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Oni-ni-Kanab;, Ninja Hippo eater Moderator
Apr 5, 2001
St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

Right now i'm running a Global Win FOP38 w/ the stock fan. I want to get a fan that is much quieter w/o sacrificing performance. I've heard that Sunon's work very well, but I don't know which model number, or how big a fan (in mm) to get. Can somebody help me out? I'm going deaf! :)
A 42.5 cfm 80mm Sunon will not work as well as the Delta 38. I suggest a 47 cfm 80mm Panaflo, or a Delta 80mm that's more powerful. The Delta 80mm "super" fans are hard to find.

While the spring wire clips that hold a 60mm fan on top of the FOP will stretch to accommodate an 80mm case fan, this is really asking too much from the FOP fan clips.

Tie wraps, aka cable-ties work just fine. Make sure that you take a file to the corners of the "shelves" of the FOP that the tie wraps will use. They're too sharp as is, and will cut the tie wraps eventually.