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Need a good heat sink

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Mar 14, 2006
I currently have an Antec 900 on its way and my mobo is socket AM2 and my process is AMD +6000. I need a good heatsink and a good fan for the heat sink as well. Whats a really good one?
I recently bought a Zerotherm BTF-90 from the Egg and am very very happy with it, keeps my E8400 wolfdale at 32C idle and 40C under load while overclocked to 3.6ghz and only costs $40.

I have also had a Zalman 9700 and a Thermalright 120 on it and the Zalman performed 15% or so worse and the 120 was almost the same but ofcourse the 120 cost alot more.
CPUs 90W and above;
TR U120X or Scythe Ninja 1100 for the Windsor/Agena above 2.6G. (Ninja is cheaper than the competitors without the nickel plating for 1-2C difference. I would have gone with the TR U120X but I preferred the mount on the Ninja. Ninja does hover over the first RAM slot but only a problem for Corsair XMS and OCZ Reaper style Dimms with the radiators.

CPUs below 90W.
Any 4-6 pipe sink like the Katana2 or samurai, themal right 90-120 ultra for all the Brisbanes. Use one of the two sinks above if you plane to go above 2.9G on any of these are just want it cool. I'm using a stock four-pipe sink that came with an Opteron as a cooler on a 5000BE doing 2.95G and is stays below 53C.

Stick with names like Artic cooling, Dynatron(makes sinks for AMD), Scythe, Thermalright, Vantec, Xigmatec and Zalman. There are more names but I'm not sure of the results like from,
Zerotherm, OCZ, ASUS, Tuniq et-al (more than likely good but no experiance with them).
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The Artic Freezer 64 Pro has done me proud running my 5000+ @ 3.3+ at times and 3.250 all day everyday at temps in the low 50s under full load.
I apologize that I made the same thread. I didnt realize I made one. I thought I posted on someone elses. I will look next time I post
thermal paste doesnt care what kind of CPU or motherboard you have.

the heatsink should come with some, but i always prefer to use either:
arctic silver 5 or ceramique
arctic cooling mx-2

i really wish you would just order it already....stop asking if its compatible with everything.

its a heatsink that has an AM2 mount (you have an AM2 motherboard and CPU)
what would NOT be compatible about that pairing?