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Need a good material for the top of a waterblock...

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Dec 18, 2000
Ok, I'm making 2 waterblocks for the ram on my GeForce3 (mainly because the gpu is watercooled and I don't want to have a fan just for the ram). I already have the copper plate that will contact the ram, but I'm not sure what to use for the rest of the water block. Copper that thick is a little too expensive and I REALLY don't want any metals like aluminum in there. I was thinking of a plastic-type material using Household-Goop to join it to the copper. Basicly something cheap, relatively easy to drill, won't corrode, and something that won't break the seal if it heats up any (dissimilar expansion rates) would be nice.
Plexiglass might work but if you are going to be drilling and tapping it, it might be wise to go with Lexan. Plexiglass is more brittle and prone to shatter more while Lexan seems to be a bit more flexible.
Yeah, lexan is better for working with. If you get plexi and you want to drill or cut it make sure you get something sharp and fast. You don't really cut Plexi, you melt it.
If you go into your local store and ask one of the people at the desk you might be able to get a scrap piece for free. One of my dad's friends works at a lumber yard and says people have pieces cut all the time and leave behind the scrap pieces !!! Ask someone to save you a piece or maybe they have some allready. I got a ton of left over lexan for free. Check it out. Its worth a try