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need a good waterpump

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Feb 17, 2001
what's a good pump to use in a nuclear tower watercooling setup? i have a rio 600 or some such, but it is really straining ever since i added the maze2 to the circuit. need something a little more powerful.
Colin is about to use a huge danner 1200 pump i believe. Just look at Mag Drive, Eheim, and Danner and see what has the best flow rate at the height of your tower. Might be a good idea to have two resevoirs with one feeding a pump to only pump to the top of the tower, and then the one you have to go from the resevoir at the botttom of the tower through the comp, to the other resevoir.
thanks for the reply. been looking around for some good pumps. is a 700gph mag drive overkill? i can get one $42, but can get 350 gph one for $33. think i should go with the $42 just for that added power?
I have been using a Danner 700 for several months with a Maze 2 and a Cube. It's worth it.

BTW, I tried a Danner 1800 and my temps went up.