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Need a lesson on FSB for my a7v133

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hey good people,
My FSB is currently at 133, my multiplier is at 11.5. Now to reach 1.6 from a 1.4 t bird I just upped the multiplier in bios and that was that.
What effect does increasing the FSB do? I am still green so a point in the right direction, a link or a basic explanation will be just marvy:D
Thanks all!
The FSB increases the speed of ALL of your hardware. The thing is, PCI devices and RAM like to run at 33 Mhz, so the FSB is divided by x to get 33. Now, if you're running @ 100, you're being divided by 3 to get 33. If you're running at 133, you're being divided by 4 to get 33 (or thereabouts).

Now, the 4 divisor on that board starts @ about 124 (I think). Unfortunately, there is no divisor higher than 4 on that board. So if you run your FSB at say, 140, you're still being divided by 4.

You can't really fry anything by cranking your FSB, but if you decide to go over say, 148, make sure you have a recent HD backup. An FSB that is too high can cause data corruption (at least it did to me). Most of your hardware should be tolerant to about 36-38 Mhz.

Best advice is to crank it a bit, test it, crank it a bit, test it until you get somewhere that you and your board are comfortable w/.

Good luck! Class dismissed!
Question, Even though I still have my multiplier at 11.5 can I still crank the fsb too? and what is the performance increase for the amount that u suggested?

Here's your Apple, thanks!!!
Multipliers and the system bus are meant to be used together, so you certainly can adjust both.

Just the other day I had my FSB to 145*11.5 for 1.67 Ghz. Had to throttle it back, however, cuz of my ghetto hsf.

It'd go into Win2k @ 146 but crash out, and would start to load Win2k at 147 before crashing out. I think it needs more voltage. Once I do my burn-in, I'll see if I can't crank it higher.