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Need a little help with CPUID HWM

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Aug 14, 2016
I just switched from GTX 1060 to RX 6600 and it works as it should performance wise, it's also very quiet (it's the Asrock Challenger model with dual fans). I have this small issue with CPUID Hardware Monitor, that I prefer to use. As I set up the new GPU it showed every info except fan speed, but now, after like 2 days it only shows utilization. I rolled back to the latest WHQL driver and it's still the same. I don't really like the AMD overlay, I just wanna check my temps with HWM. Is there a way I can make it work?
Odd that it was there and then gone.

I prefer to use Hwinfo... maybe that works? They are remarkably similar apps imo.
Thanks for the recommendation, the 2 apps don't look similar at all to me tho - a lot more details in HWinfo. But I'll keep it, cuz why not.
They don't look alike? Maybe I have the programs mixed up? You're right hwinfo has more monitoring though...

....does it show your gpu fan speed? If not I'd gather nothing will again without a rollback of the software or driver (the latter you did).

As far as getting your app to work... maybe roll back version of the software? No idea why it worked then stopped. But if hwinfo isn't reading it or any other apps (msi Afterburner, gpu tweak.... I dont recall if asrock has one for their gpus...) I'm not sure what will.
I'll try different versions or HWM and update Radeon software when they release a new version. Maybe I should just find a good UV/OC setting and enjoy the games instead of just looking at the temps and fan speed, as they are obviously fine.
Once you stare at those values long enough, that's how it tends to end up. :)

If you hear the fans spin up abnormally or feel a performance drop, then maybe take a look. I typically see what's shaking out of the gate and never look back (unless there is trouble).
That's good advice. BTW I reinstalled the latest AMD driver and now HWM shows everything again (except for the fan speed). For now at least...