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need a motherboard that supports overclocking as well as supports my current par

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Jul 15, 2013
ok so right now i have an HP Z400 workstation and im looking to buy a new motherboard to either fit inside my HP tower or fit inside the spare ATX tower my uncle has on hold for me as a backup tower, however i need the motherboard to fit my current cpu and current ram as well as be able to overclock heres my specs that have to carry over to the new mobo

Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3565 @ 3.20GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.2GHz
RAM: 16 gigs ddr3 ECC 4GBx4

i already know the W3565 cpu has a locked multi but by september i should have an unlocked W3690 cpu hence why i need a board that overclocks my budget is under 100 usa$$$$$$

so are there any decent board that will allow me to overclock yet still support my current server/workstation parts?

sadly my HP Z400 doesnt support overclocking so thats why i want a new board keep in mind i got most of these parts from free from my uncle when he upgraded

reason for wanting to overclock is to help in some of the pc games i play that are cpu intensive as my cpu has crappy per single core performance

my cpu is liquid cooled so im also open to software overclocking if thats even an option


Dec 31, 2015
Any good x58 mobo will OC it. Also with 1366 cpu's you don't need a unlocked multi to OC.
The Asus P6T comes to mind for me.


Oct 28, 2008
I think you're going to have a hard time finding a good X58 board for under $100. They're past their prime enough that the price already bottomed a couple years ago and are now climbing back up due to low supply.