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Need a short heatsink for an athlon server in a 1U case......

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Jun 21, 2001
Hi, i am looking into building a dual Athlon 1.5Ghz PC with the new tyan board, i am going to mount it into a 1U rack mount server case, for business purposes. This is the rack case im looking at http://www.gorilla.net/gorispro/rak-103x_rackmount_case.htm
My problem being, the Athlons will not be overclocked, and i do not mind high temps as long as it is 100% stable, I need a heat sink and fan that will fit on the cpu but inside the case
1U is 44mm high, by the time the motherboard and athlon is on, i probably have about 30-35mm to play with for a heat sink and fan, any ideas??!?! I dont think ive seen a small enough one, btw, Length and width is not a problem, just height.

ALso the the biggest ive seen the PSU in these cases is 250 watt, this wont be enough to run a dual 1.5 Ghz pc with SCSI HDD and 1 GB of DDR ram will it? IF not, has any one seen a PSU that fits into a 5.25" drive slot??
Not long after writeing this i found the "The Low Profile Orb - Rackmount Servers (1U…6U Servers )" :)
i found it here if any one is in the same situtation..
have you considered the golden gate / gladiator?

this hs f will only be about 35 mm to 40 mm tall if you use a 10 mm fan.

i'm willing to be it'll out perform that orb too.
Can you get a alpha pep to fit? With the side mounted fan it might just sneak in there. At leastthis leaves you optoins for a taller high powered fan if it is needed.
I looked at the alpha coolers use a 60mm fan on the side, the height of the case is 44mm , so thats out. Thanks any way :)

i havent looked at the golden gate / gladiator yet, i will do, thanks for your help.

I just had an e-mail back from the company, they say the only way i will get a 400 watt psu is if i move to a 4U case :( i might modify a 400watt psu to fit into a 5.25 inch drive slot... not sure how yet, just tip the heat sinks, triacs, and cap`s on there side i think with some wires....
The glaidiator is a copper hsf so it needs a good fan on it you might not be able to use it to cool and have a weak fan on it as the copper doesn't get rid of heat as fast as Al.