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Need Advice: Good TBird mobo

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New Member
Feb 8, 2001
I am rebuilding my system and decided to go with the AMD cpu's
Whats the best amd cpu/mobo combo out there. I need something that supports ATA/100(possibly raid, but not neccessary), prefferably has 1 ISA slot for my network card, lots of PCI slots, enough clearance for a nice fan, easy overclocking, good USB support. SOFT-menu FSB setting etc. I really dont want to do any soldering, so easy overclocking and stability is whats needed.
Also, what TBirds are good for overclocking and how fast can these go. Any advice appreciated
Go with the abit KT7A,Very nice board great for overclocking.

As for the processor depends on budget.1 gig chips clock real well and if you stay stock,you will like this combo Abit And AMD 1 gig
I have 2 Abit boards. KT7A-raid and KT7-raid . Both are great. I like the KT7A-riad better. both are good o/cers.

KT7A-raid [email protected] Watercooled
KT7-raid T-bird 1000@ 1144Aircooled
epox 8kta3 or 3+(raid) and get a 266 1.2 tbird. uses sdram or ddr.
I got this combo for $385. 1425mhz 9.5x150 with junk pc133 ram at 1.85vcore solid as a rock 36c w/FOP38($18). can you really beat this ?
If it turns out you can Im sure I can go higher. I can get 3d at 10x150!but mark2001 crashes in high res lobby test.
get the epox.
I love my kk266r. I can run it at up to 170 fsb :) unfortunately it does't support ddr sdram but if you buy some really fast sdram you will get some ddr comparable scores. My friend has a kt7a-raid and it is a nice board as well. It seems though that the iwill can consistantly clock higher than the kt7a and with iwills new turbo bios it pulls in some hefty memory scores. at 8 x 170 fsb, cas2, 4 way interleave, and fast memory timings my sisoft sandra scores are 672/775. at 8.5 x 165, cas 2, 4 way interleave, fastest memory timings my sisoft sandra scores are 692/786. Its a shame I can't run at 170 and the fastest timings but my pc166 ram can't handle it :( The only mod i did to my board was to mount a better heatsink and fan to the northbridge. The board can be a bit of a pain to get all the irq's set up correctly though, although the kt7a probably has this problem too :)
as for your other preferences the board has 1 isa slot, 6 pci, room for my 60 x 80mm taisol cooler with a 80mm fan mounted on it. I have a 1200 266fsb cpu with the avia code (wish it was an axia!) that will run stable at up to 1420 mhz at 1.85 volts (1.93 actual - iwill's seem to give some extra juice). Also make sure you get a decent power supply, my 300 watt'r was crackin under the pressure and I had to upgrade to a 400 watt
I have to agree with athlon eater, i've got an 8kta 2 with a 700 tbird at 1 gig and it hasn't had a crash since i tweaked it when it was new!(about 3 months). epox is really starting to kick some major a$$, and less money! don't worry about what the abiters and asusers say these boards rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!