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Need advice on a new Video Card and MB!

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Oct 8, 2002
Brisbane, Australia
Hey OCers!

Just wanted all of your valuable input on one of my purchases again! I am in the market for a new MB and a new Video Card!

For the video card I am trying to decide between these products:

Geforce4 Ti 4200 128MB
Geforce4 Ti 4400 128MB
Radeon 8500 LE 128MB
Geforce3 Ti 200 or 500 (I believe those are the good old ones)

I use my system primarily for online gaming such as Everquest and UT. I want the best value/performance ratio for a gaming system.

As for the MB...I currently have a Biostar motherboard which is impossible to OC so I am looking for something more flexible. I am intending to use a Athlon XP 1600 on it. Again, I am looking for great performance at the best value!

All your input is appreciated!




Senior Member
Jun 26, 2002
i love my ti4400 but it will cost you at least twice the price of a good 8500.

don't even look at the 9000's. they are worthless.

4200's are getting to be a better deal as they slowly creep down to 140-150 bucks.

as for a motherboard... if you can find a Shuttle Ak31A (make sure its an A or 3rd revision... same thing) those are amazing boards that can be had for literally 40-50 bucks. they are great overclockers and use ddr.

otherwise stick to Asus or Abit.

OC Noob

Jun 28, 2002
Phoenix, AZ USA
You may want to wait a month or so on the vid card. While the 8500 and the gf4 series are great cards, the 9700, 9500 pro and the 9500 are due out very soon.

With in a month or so, you most likely will be able to get a much better card for the money you will spend now.

I'm thinking the 9700 will be the price/performance leader as it will be the same as the 9700 pro just under clocked (and we all know how to correct that problem), but will be priced at Ti4600 prices.

I could have saved about $100 if I had waited 2 or 3 months to buy, ain't that a *****.

Oh well, this rig I've pumped over $1000 bucks into will be worth about $3.50 (dats tree-fidy) in another 4 months anyway. Thats just the way computers are.

ps Atleast, I didn't spend $2000 (dats too grrrr) on a crappy compaq a year and a half ago thats worth $0.13 now (like my mom did):p