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Need advice on a waterblock

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Mar 23, 2001
Hey guys. This is my first visit to "Cooling" thread.
What I did today was break the centre hold down tab on my CPU connector trying to install my new 1.2 gigger. No it wasn't on purpose. Damn super-orb! Anyway It looks like its water time. I have an ASUS A7V133 mobo. Looks like I will have to use the 4 holes that are on the motherboard beside the cpu to mount a block. Do you know which block can be used with the ASUS board in this fashion?
If you want the best, IMO, copper water block, then go with the DangerDen.com MAZE2. I use it and it's GREAT and will bolt to ANY AMD MB.
I agree about the Dangerden. I snapped off the center lug also one time frying my tbird with my aquastealth waterblock clip. I still use the clip on the same kt7a, but I use the diagonal lugs and it works okay. If I had to do it again, Dangerden all the way with the 4 mounting screws that go through the 4 holes around the socket.
I just went to Dangerden to check out the Maze2.
Perfect ;)
So this will work on the Asus board right? It looks like its attached to an Abit board in the photo.
Thanks a ton guys.
Think I will order one at the beginning of the week and run it bong style for now. I actually have a water chiller handy ;) This could be a sweet ride.
Can't wait to see what I can get out of this AXIA blue core.
Thanks again.