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Need Advice On Mem Tweak For 5800x!

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New Member
Jan 12, 2021
Hey everyone first time posting and im just going to jump right into it. So my pc has been running great
Gigabyte x570 Masters on Bios F31
R7 5800x Aio Cooled
32gb (8x4) Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200mhzCl16
And so on i wont list the rest as its not the issue. So since i went to the 5800x ive been curious about Dram and how i can squeeze more from my current kit, now i did end up grabbing a kit of 3600mhzc18 mem for testing but on both kits i cant even get anything to work. The 3600 kit has to high of timings and at stock it ran slower in bench then my 3200 kit, so i scratched that and figured hey if i can squeeze a little more from my 3200 kit ill be happy, but like i said i cant get anything to work. Ive attached a screen shot from Zen timings showing my xmp profile and its timings and thats what i worked from because as i know of the Dram cal when i used it with thiaphoon the safe data it was giving me wouldnt even boot the pc. Now some will ask if this kit is B-Die and it is according to thiaphoon, but not matter what i did whether i went from 3200 to 3233 to 33 and so on i wouldnt get very far. I did manage to get 3533 with 17-19-19-19-40 with no sub timing changes and FLCK 1:1 and it was stable but the bench didnt equate any gains in cpu bench on 3d mark. If your wondering i am trying to squeeze a little more for gaming. Now i dont know if im just spinning my tires in the mud here trying to mess with this but as ive seen online in videos and write ups an reading on here im seeing success with trial and error but 99% is on 3000 cpus. I dont know if its a gigabyte thing with this bios version which came out on the 31st of dec? or if my ram kit is just trash like im in a corner and just gave up and decided to reach out to ppl that know more as im not a big overclocker but with this days stuff im inclined to mingle with it a little. Any advice would be awesome thanks.

For gaming performance set XMP and forget it. 3200 -> 3600 is about 1% in FPS increase. You might be able to see a few percentage points by adjusting your secondary timings. For example tRC you could try 54 and tRFC you could try 460. Those are kind of conservative starting points and could go tighter and further down the rabbit hole if you really want.

The timing calculator is limited, it can give a starting point but not every system will work the same. Some motherboards do better with 2 sticks than 4 by a significant amount, others the cost is less significant. Has to do with how the traces are laid out on the board. You can search t-topology vs daisy chain if you're interested in the nitty gritty there.

If you really want to increase your memory speed you'll need to give it some more volts (you could pretty safely try 1.4v). For the most part the memory is binned to where it can run. It could be b-die and just not a great bin of it, or something else. The challenge with overclocking memory is determining if you're being limited by the fabric clock or the memory itself. You can do this a couple ways, by giving the memory more volts, or testing with very loose timings, but with your kit it will probably be difficult to know exactly the bottleneck. I would be surprised though if the CPU couldn't handle 3600 minimum so I think it's memory here.

Anyway a lot of trouble for 1% FPS but we're glad to help if you feel it's worth your time.
Thanks for the reply appreciated. So with doing my homework up until i got called into work i seen these memory kits on Zen 2 hitting respective numbers taking 3200 to 3600 with decent timings ect.

The question i had in mind as ive played with all these scenarios along with buying as 3600 quad kit cl18 and seeing a performance loss and running into the same issues with trying to just tighten timings on the 3600 kit vs 3200. im wondering if its a support thing either through gigabyte or with the Zen 3 chip itself. Im not expecting these massive improvements but with some reading im seeing that Zen 3 benefits from faster memory which just inspired me to look into the whole idea of is it worth it or not vs can i get a bit of improvement or not as through 3d mark timespy runs i see others running same specs but scoring higher with same gpu clocks and cpu clocks but obviously cant see memory but i did see higher cpu scores but again that was more on Zen2 no 3 is it possible that there is support issues with Zen 3 and memory timing i dont know

ive pretty much accepted that its not worth messing with anymore at this time and until i actually see some work done by expert overclockers working with Zen 3 i will accept my unit the way it is as it performs excellent i just got curious and i suppose greedy, i mean who doesnt want a little more performance right but again just like with overclocking yrs ago its still a fine balance of will it be stable and safe enough for everyday use or not.

Thanks again for response ill keep reading through articles and learn more as there are some awesome write ups on here and in the mean time i may tinker with my evga ftw3 ultra an see if i can take it to at least 2000mhz for a little performance boost but as i said maybe.