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Need advice on pelt

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Jan 3, 2001
Wanna stick a pelt between my Alpha cooler and my P!!! (Slot1). It's a 600E running at 840 stable at 35deg. Celcius. I know I can push it more. So, which peltier kit to by, what wattage, where from? Do I need a cold plate (what does it do anyway)?
I would get at least an 85 watt peltier for that processor. You will need a coldplate to go between the pelt and your CPU. The coldplate will even out the heat dissipation from your processor. It will require a lot of current to run, more than your current power supply can handle. You should get a seperate power supply to run the pelt. A Peltier module or TEC (ThermoElectric Cooler) uses voltage and current to remove the heat from one side of the unit to the other resulting in one side becoming very cold and the other side becoming VERY hot. You will have to have a good heatsink to remove all the heat a pelt will generate. All that heat will be going into your case so good ventilation of your case will be necessary. One more thing about Pelts, they can keep your chip colder than the ambiant temp and condensation can form on the cold parts. Condensation and electronic parts dont mix so proper insulation will be necessary as well.