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Need advice: Voltmod Maxsun HD 6570

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Nov 23, 2020
Hello there,

(First of all, my apologies as i posted in the wrong forum, how to move this post to GPU forums?)

Need advice to further increase the overclocking capability of Maxsun HD 6570.


HP 6305 A10-5800B
Maxsun HD 6570
Dual Graphics (Can detach if needed)


1) New cards are priced too insanely in my place.

2) Ordered a HD 5750 online, 1GB DDR5

3) Got cheated and received a HD 6570, 1 GB DDR3 instead.

4) So, in a show of unhappiness, I am going to overclock the HD 6570 until it achive HD 5750 performance (kidding?).

What have been done so far:

HD 6570

1) GPU base 650 Mhz, RAM base 667 Mhz Base 1.05V

2) Very bad default overclocking ability in MSI afterburner, so I RBE it.

3) RBE - GPU stable to 725 Mhz, RAM stable to 900 Mhz, If i adjust any of the voltage info above 1.05V, it defaults to 0.9V, Max temp was 46 C. No wattage adjustment can be seen.

4) Overclock GPU/RAM any higher than above will result in crashing.

5) Seeing it has a temperature and voltage headroom, what are the next steps to increase voltage, can it be done by software, or I need pencil or solder mods? (I have gpu board pictures - if needed)

6) Does terascale GPU's have a wattage max limiter like GCN 1.0 GPU's?

Thank you,



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I am sorry, i just realized this is the CPU thread, how to delete or move this post?
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