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Need advice

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Rabid Snail

Sep 20, 2002
New York
I kinda gave up on my idea of getting an LCD display since they aren't good for gaming and all, plus my budget is kinda low for a good moniter. So I havew decided that I will get a good normal (what are they called again, CRT? umm can someone tell me what it is/stands for) moniter, and mabey look into getting some water cooling on my rig. This is mainly cause my comp is very loud at the moment, and my load temps are very high (around 50).

I am looking for advice on a good waterblock, and also, mabey a link to a diagram of a watercooled setup.

Since it would be hard for me to go get an old refridgerator or card part to use as my radiator, I might need to order one. Would that raise the cost of the setup up alot?

Some advice on stealth fans to cool my raidiator would be nice too.


Oct 2, 2002
Richland, WA
First many of the newer LCDs are good for gaming although still expensive in the larger sizes. CRT stands for cathode ray tube which is the picture tube.

As for water blocks I use a DD maze 3 and am quite pleased, they also have many rads and info on setting up your system. Many people use car heater cores for there rad which you can get at the auto part store for cheap. For fans look for the 120mm panaflows.