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Need advise on water-cooling 2U Server with 4 (inline) processors

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Jan 24, 2002
Need advise on water-cooling 2U Server with 4 (inline) processors - Dell PowerEdge R810 (see pic below - I needed to quiet the massively noisy server fans - this was my attempt - did no work at all - plan B - water cooling).
The goal is to achieve adequate cooling with ambient temp max 40C. Overclocking etc. are not applicable here.

I have 2 servers to water-cool and budget is tight so I am thinking of getting some cheap water blocks from Amazon and eBay (2 of each):


I need the fittings to come out of the side because I want to use the space above the water blocks to put some additional hard drives.

For a radiator I am thinking of getting is Koolance 9-Fan (120mm) HX-1080:


The layout will be like this:

--- pump one --- server one (4 processors inline) --- pump two --- server two (4 processors inline) --- radiator --- reservoir --- (loop to the beginning)

The Processors are four Intel X7560 - 130W max heat each = 520W Total theoretical. While I am sure that even these cheap water blocks will transfer the heat to the water, I am concerned that having 4 of them inline might decrease the flow too much. What do you think?

1 *** What pumps would you recommend for this setup?
2 *** How about reservoir?
3 *** How about quiet 120mm fans?

Remember, budget is tight.

4 *** I also need advice on a reliable quick disconnect valves so that I can disconnect a systems from the loop if I need to work on it.

I used to have a water cooled personal computer a decade ago. I remember that silicone based tubes were recommended and I used clamps like these:


to clamp the hose.
5 *** What brand silicone tube do you recommend?

6 *** Anything else?

And the pic:


Thank You so much in advance !!!
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