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Need and inkjet that supports 11x17 media

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Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA
Hey guys, wondering if anyone knows of an inkjet printer, brand and model, that will support paper sizes of 11x17inch.

I'd like to get one at work so that they CAD guys can print color drafts of their work without using up the toner in our color laser printer (which has 4 toner cartridges at 200 bucks a pop).

The better the price...the better!

I've been looking online, but its hard to find supported media sizes listed. I'm getting the feeling though that most inkjets don't go much above standard 8.5x11.

So, lemme know what you got!

Hey, here's the first one that came to my mind. It's the hp deskjet 1220cps, and it handles paper up to 13" x 19". :eek: It's around $500, but I'll see if there're any other cheaper ones out there. :D
Cool...thanks for the help. I actually stopped by BestBuy on my drive home from work and asked them. I was invesitgating a printer deal, which came up dry. On their site, I noticed they had the Canon BJC-3000 on sale for $9.50...yep, 10 bucks. (It appears to be a gone deal though :( ...)

Anyway, much to my luck, the Canon guy was there and promptly gave me model numbers to the canon's that supported it :) But no others, hmm, go figure! :D

Anyway...I was kinda hoping to find one for around 100-200 bucks...the company is kinda stingy. I'll look into those and let them know though.

I find this quite perplexing though...why charge $400 more for a printer that can move its print head a few more inches? :(

Anyway...thanks a bunch, and if you or anyone else can think of one for a bit less, that'd rock!

You may get a better deal ordering from a catalogue. I have a friend who owns a print shop that you might want to call...
He gives me free paper for stuff every now and then.

Kino's print full color glossy 11 x 17s for $2.80