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need backup :D

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New Member
Nov 5, 2002
Hi Guys.
I need your help and advices. My cousin is coming to Argentina (He's in the States) and he is going to bring me a GF4 Ti 4200, so I have to take a decision as soon as possible. I was thinking to buy the Albatron Ti 4200 Turbo, but I read some guys had problems with it, they couldn't overclock it well. I usually buy at NewEgg, but some guys told me to buy the albatron at GoogleGear and try. Maybe it comes good, maybe not.
What other card can I buy. The leadtek 4400?? other 4200? what about the Chaintech GT21 4200 with VIVO??
What do you thing I have to buy??
Please give an advice as soon as possible I'll be thankfull.
That's all friend
Have your cousin bring you a Radeon 9500 PRO - they will have DirectX 9 support and therefore have longer staying power than any of the geforce 4 series. And as far as performance the Radeon 9500 PRO (and I mean the PRO version) is right in line with the TI 4200 and Ti 4400 (while some sites show it performing on par with the TI 4600)

Suggested retail is $199 US (I think) so you can probablyy get one for $175 - 180 pretty easily...
The 9500 would be a good choice if you were willing to wait, but from the sounds of it you have to choose soon.

I would go for the Albatron, i have one and it screams. I would also order from googlegear, altho im a devout newegg customer, simply because newegg got a bad batch, and theres no telling when they will have better ones.

Hope i helped.
Yes I have to choose soon, that's why I need your help. I was reading some reviews of the Leadtek 4400 and it's nice. Some guys got 310/680 other 310/700 and others 300/650
What about googleGear?? is it good as newegg? is it reliable as newegg?
Please answers, thx