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need BIG fan...

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Bobby Manus

Dec 17, 2000
Southern California
I saw someone post about a 6" fan around here, and I want to get something like that. I have decided how I am going to cool my case, I will have 1 big fan blowing in from the front bottem. I will have 1 80mm fan on the back under the psu blowing out. Also I will get one of those pci card blowers, I can get them for 5$ a piece to free lol. They arnt very strong but its perfect for my setup otherwise all the air would just get traped by the back end of the case. Also I will put probably 1 big 120mm fan on the top of my case that way no hot air will get traped.
If you dont mind the noise you could strip a AC fan from some hear dryer... Also those large table fans (for hot summer days) are rather cheap, but beware, they produce plenty magnetic disturbance with their large eletric motors (just try put one near Ur monitor :) )
get a bunch of 120's see my post in cyber deals for the link!

Panaflo's 120 high output for 5.99!
Im the guy with the 6". Its actualy not that loud 54 db just slightly louder than a delta 38 but the pitch is lower. You will not be able to put a rheo on this thing. Im using an lm338k voltage regulator to turn down the speed.

This place just has cheap fans

its 235 cfm for 9 bucks. T

hey also have a 120mm panaflo (which I just saw and wish I had also got for 6 bucks) 86 cfm

Also dont get any crazy thoughts like your going to be able to plug that fan into your computer psu. It requires 2.26 amps.