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Need Case/HSF Advice

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Jun 19, 2001
Marietta, GA, USA
I'm seriously considering buying a new case and a new HSF. Currently I'm using the stock piece of crap that I got with my AMD T-Bird(900). My case is a midsized tower which is like a greenhouse.
My system specs are as follows:

AMD T-Bird 900
Asus A7V KT133 Mobo
384MB PC133
ProphetII GeForce2 PRP/GTS 64mb DDR
Running WinME

Alright, I'm looking for a large tower case with plenty of room to expand, a removable mobo tray. Basicly, a good overclockers case, as I am really taking an interest in it. My current PSU is 300watt. What wattage should I be going for? Also, I would probably be adding intake/exhaust fans anyway, so if there are any that are pre-built and cheap...that would be great.

As for HSF's, I'm considering Millennium Glaciator and the Global Win CAK38. I'm aiming for less than 50$. Also, I need one that is easy to install because I'm kinda paranoid about cracking my CPU, since I've only installed one HSF before. (I'm a newbie! ok?)

Sooo, what would you guys recommend? Any feedback is welcome!
well on the heatsink, for ease of install, scratch the globalwin. I would look at the Glaciator or the SK-6. For a case, a Full Tower Antec, Supermicro, Addtronics, Inwin, Lian Li would all be great!
the SK6 that i have has the worst clip that i've seen yet on it. i also have the global win WBK so i know about bad clips and the one on the SK6 was the worst i've seen.

If your unsure about clips the SK6 is definitely one to stay away from.

the Clip that i have that has been real easy for me is the one on the OCZ Gladiator.

now there is an easy clip, plus a good cooler.
First off, if you just want a regular case... i got my full tower for like 80 bucks.. and its doing its job just nicely... but, if you have the money, and want a REALLY AWESOME case, try a transparent case, i think they're all acrylic, but they're like 150 w/o psu....
as far as the fans, i've heard that that new <sk6 i think?> is really nice... i dunno about the clip though... the swiftech i've got is just great... the MC462 is giant, and loud, but nothing beats it, aircooling-wise anyway...
umm.. i think that's about all i know
I just got my Inwin Q500 for about 100$ CAD, its nice and roomy and with a few case fans if an excellent case, I dont follow all the new heatsinks so i cant input any info on them. I'd just get a nice mid/full tower, some good names were listed above and put in a few correctly placed case fans and your golden.

Randal- SALSA SHARK,We're gonna need a bigger boat. Clerks rules.

If you are leary of clips get a $10 nonconductive shim, probably worth it to get one anyways.
I think I have finally decided on the Inwin Q500 for my case. I will be adding an intake or two also.

As for my HSF I've pretty much decided on the Melinnium Glaciator.

Any second thoughts?

I'll be purchasing these within the next day or so...so stop me while ya can if you think this is a bad decision ;)