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Need Celeron 600 Overclocking Help

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i810 Forever

Apr 6, 2002
In desperate need of overclocking help,

I have a Hewlett Packard Pavilion 6730 (600Mhz Celeron/66Mhz bus/2x128MB Crucial CL2, Kyro PCI) and have finally found out how to overclock, by using CPUFSB.

I am able to overclock to 742Mhz/82Mhz bus easily, but anything beyond that crashes the machine within seconds. I have tried 900Mhz/100Mhz bus and 800Mhz/88Mhz bus and it crashes there also. I'm assuming I have to increase the voltage on the chip (its a CB0 1.6v Celeron II FC-PGA), and there are no options in the BIOS. I read around Overclockers (great site!) and found the 'pin hole and wire wrapping" methods of increasing voltages on the chip. Which one should I perform, and how high do I set the voltage? Do I need any specific type of wire?

Last month I took out the OEM noisy CoolerMaster hsf and put on a CoolJagJC311 cooler I had purchased originally to cool a video card. Is this tiny cooler sufficient for a voltage increase, or should I look into a better cooler like the Swiftech MXC370 or a Thermalright AX-7? And theres still junk left over from the thermal pad that was on the CoolerMaster, should I scrape the rest of it off with an Xacto knife and apply some ASII?

Help greatly appreciated, I'm trying to squeeze some more use out of this machine before I make a major upgrade in the summer. I'm addicted to the Medal of Honor multiplayer and I saw a noticable speed boost with that extra 140Mhz since overclocking to 740Mhz, and more Mhz would really help me out. Thanks!
i suggest a new cooler the cool jag really wasnt made for overlclocking and you really shouldnt increase the voltage with it, also you should use MBM 5 to monitor your temps because that is an important part of ocing.....and yes it is much better not to have the crappy HP stuff on there....get some try this site for some cheap ASII

i think with better cooling and more volts that 900 isnt far out of your reach....