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Need Cheap Mobo Replacement

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Apr 9, 2001
Southern California
A friend gave me an Athlon 750 with MSI 6331, which i promply installed in an el cheapo case- w/ a 250 watt PS - which, in conjuction with my power hogging voodoo5 5500 - fried a RAM stick and apparently the Mobo as well. Luckily i own 5 slower PCs so i still get my daily fix of games- but im stuck on a p3-450 and i miss my Athlon 750. I eventually got a 400 watt so i now have the case and PS waiting- but the mobo is gone to the junkyard- so I would just like some recomendations on inexpensive Mobos for gaming purposes- for an Athlon 750, PC100/133 SDRAM system paired with a v5 5500- thanks for your guys time and invaluable knowledge- I prefer forums to Hardware review guides like TomsHardware or HardOCP.

320mb pc100
v5 5500 64mb
19" KDS


Big Daddy Bear Senior
May 16, 2001
Denver, CO
Look for my posts in the classifieds for a $40 M/B that will fit your needs perfectly. The thread is called "need some cheap AMD M/B?"


Inactive Doc Logic Philosophical Mod
Sep 9, 2001
Pocatello, ID
In order of ascending price and quality:

Shuttle AK31
Epox 8kha+

The ECS board is stable but not a great overclocker, it will accept either SDRAM or DDR. The Shuttle is a great board, overclocks very well. The consensus seems to give the edge to the Epox over the Shuttle, but it's also more expensive.

If you want cheap, you might check out the refurb section at Newegg.



Senior Member
Jan 23, 2001
Pittsburgh Pa
I agree with Nilli on this, but to expound on the new Egg refurbished suggestion. I just picked up a refurbished motherboard from them and it was delivered with no additional items. No manual, no IDE cables nor drivers/utilities CD. Having a drawer full of parts and several other systems at my disposal to track down the drivers, manual etc this was not a problem for me. But the substantial discount and the liberal return policy of New Egg makes this a very good option if you are properly prepared, and I would recomend it.

By the way, the board (Tyan S2460 dual XP) works great.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck!


Dec 22, 2001
new jersey

Hi there I have a shuttle AK31 ver 3.1 that I'm looking to sell cheap if you are interested let me know I know i'm not suppose to sell anything through here but I would rather sell it to one of you guys instead that may really need it Thanks