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Need comments about soundcards

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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
Hy guys.. I ´m lookuing for a cheap 6 channel soundcard. But

I DON´T WANT THE CMEDIA 8738 chip... I´ve heared somethings about it´s overclockability and quality that made me not to choose it
I need quality sound, overclockability, 6 channel and cheap (not dirty cheap, but audigy is much above what i plan spending...) Out Optical maybe interesting for future hometheatre use... (plan a projector for the pc.... already have a dvdrom...). CD/DVDROM digital input is reaaaaly welcome! I want a card who can stand up the competition for some time.... I´m proned to the SBLive oem couse of the price here..... :cool:

Some of what i plann:

good price, quality an Oc well...

-Som Abit AU-10 5.1 w/ remote contol, box
cheaper than the sblive oem! Fortemedia FM801-AU Sound Chip
the remote controls all power dvd200 functions and powerpoint presentations...! Dolby Digital (AC-3), DTS
MP3 playback 5.1ch suport
XP drivers???:confused:
Overclockability? Bad rewiew at ZDNet... High cpu utilization.. But th remote control Rocks!!! Why doesn´t any other card offers it too ???!!!!

-PINE 6 canais Mod. PS-M01A
Cheap and the photo seams to show a different chip than the 8738.... 6 channel... Don´t know anything about it...? Overclockability?

-S M LIVE 5+1 - PCI / genius
Cheap, 6 channels, does not use the 8738 chip... XP??? Overclockability?

-Hercules CNR (6 Channels + SP/DIF + In) - OEM
Is this a 8738? Seems..... Ops... it´s a CNR... and costs more than the Genius... Genius all the way...
But it has: Out Optical, !

-Turtle Beach Santa Cruz OEM
Cirrus Logic SoundFusion® DSP ....420 MIPS audio digital (what´s this?) 10 band graphic EQ with digital display! A bit pricey here....
Well my mobo has that chip onboard, and that is the chip that the hercules muse uses. Ive had it at 195 fsb with a 4 divisor and the computer booted up fine and didnt crash, of course this was simply an accident and I switched to /5 but it still did work.

I actually bought a santa cruz from newegg about a week ago and have yet to install it, dont really see a reason to since I really like my onboard sound.

Im using z-560s, and to be honest I think that this sounds better then my old 5.1 live! oem.

Dunno about the audigy but I think im gonna fire up the santa cruz and compare.

btw: not sure what chip these use, but Ive heard some really good things about the phillips brand soundcards so maybe you should look into them too.
i heard that the santa cruz are good without the crappy drivers problems that Creative has
I have an ("older") creative Xgamer 5.1. I really like it. My FSB has not been over 170, but I have no divisor so i think that is pretty good. Also I have never had any driver problems with any os. IF you want mainstream, get creative.
What about AUDIO DIAMOND MONSTER MX400 64BIT OEM ? Someone knows about it or if it has the 6 channel?