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Need computer power switch

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Aug 10, 2003
ATX computer, the power switch on the case is missing (I don't know what happened to it). Managed to use my secondary rigs reset button to power up this computer, so this other computer does work.

So, question, where do I get a power switch for this computer? I know it will be a single-pole-single-throw switch that I would need (and radio shack sells those), but I don't know where to get the plug end that goes into the motherboard, or how to deal with those connectors...

The case is a somewhat recent compaq case, so I don't know if compaq would sell me a piece of one of their cases or not, or if it would be that cheap...

So, if anybody can help me with this problem so I can get a power switch for this computer, I would appreciate it!


Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
Not single throw. Momentary. You can get a generic monentary switch at any electronic shop. (E.G. Radio Shack)

In the past, I've managed to get Gateway to replace these for me. Not without some doing though. These are not the types of parts that your tech rep in India will have on his parts list. Radio Shack may also have the plug. I would try to scavenge a plug from an old device. Maybe pull a plug from an old CD-ROM audio cable or something. Solder those wires to the switch or something. I'm sure that if you look around, you will find something that will work.