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Need cooling advice

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Jan 22, 2001
I'm building a new system and need a hsf for a 1.2ghz athlon with an AVIA code.
Do you have a price range that you want to work within? Do you intend to OC that 1.2? What size case do you have and how well ventillated is it? What is the temp in your PC room (deg C)? These all impact what you need.

room temp high is between 75/80 F.
got to o/c this thing It's screaming (OVER-CLOCK ME) it's an AVIA chip.
Money is not a problem.
still looking into cases any advice.
get a full tower case put in lots of fans (high ambient temp) go to dangerden and put two 180 wat peilter (hahahaha) and a maze2 water block then put two 550wat enermax psu in it
With an ambient (room) temp of 26C, a properly ventilated case and decent HSF, you should be able to hold the cpu to 40-45C, which will do just fine. A full tower will give you the most flexibility for cooling, but a mid-tower, like I use is not far behind. I have been working up my fans, with the advent of warmer wx, from the original wimpy 80mm fans on the front and back to a 92mm 55cfm on the front and 92mm 42cfm on the back. I've discovered that even those can be improved upon and currently have a 120 on order for the front and will move the bigger 92 to the rear. I am trying to avoid a blowhole over the HSF because the fan on my HSF is so damned loud at full speed.

The new GlobalWin CAK38 HSF is a good choice, as well as the OCZ Gladiator and Thermalright SK6.

In the case of all three, the first thing I would do is adapt them for a quieter 80mm fan though, but I like to hack on things.

I was looking at a swiftech MC462.
Do you think this would work?
It comes with an 80 mm delta pushing 68 cfm.
The noise can't be any worse than the twin delta 38's I have now.
I see a word like VAPOCHILL and it changes into BIG MONEY.

I use the MC-462A. I love it. It's a "big galoot" heatsink and owes its success to its mass, combined with the excellent properties of the fan that comes with it. As far as I am concerned, the only drawback is the price you pay, in terms of noise, for that fans effectiveness. The use of a rheostat really helps. I only turn the fan up to ful blast for high cpu-load situations. No, it's not cheap, but it is the best air-cooled HSF currently available. If you look at the price as an investment that will outlive your CPU and Motherboard, then it's not that bad.

I would use water cooling, but that is just me. But if you are going to use air cooling go with the swiftech MC462. I hear and read that it is the best.
If money isn't a problem, a friend was telling me off cases that are made where the motherboard and cpu and all the components are submerged in an oil substance. Not sure what exactly it is, but there is no need for fans. He was telling me it costs about $400, i think. I can find out more info if you are interested. Here's my email. [email protected]
I have seen those cases.
They have one major problem they're sealed you can't change out anything in them and I'm always upgrading something.
At the site I looked at they said that they might come out with one that's not sealed sometime.
would be good for an upgrade when they do. hehehe.