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Need cooling solution for slotket on Asus P2B for PIII 700

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Feb 12, 2001
Miami, FL
I just recently discovered how to breath new life into this 2 year old Asus P3B mobo (after hours of reading and emailing)... I've been informed that I need to get the Asus SLOTKET so I can use a PIII 700 100MHz FSB chip with cC0 stepping to work on slot1 mobo. As this chip is most reliable (so far this is correct, right?) With some luck, I have a good chance to get it OC'd to about 933MHz with 133 FSB. Assuming all goes well, I am going to need some real cooling! I was hoping some of you with experience in similar situation can lead me to a good solution. First off, what software do I use to monitor? Is the Asus program any good? I obviously need some thermal paste, but which one and where to buy it? Also, I am going to need a good heatsink/fan too. Which one and where to buy it? I'm assuming that three products will be available from the same vendor, right? Please keep in mind that I don't want to spend too much money... Afterall, I wouldn't be OC'ing if I could afford a new 1+GHz mobo/CPU... Also keep in mind that this is a slotket adapter card and some heatsink/fans might not fit properly. I think I saw that the PEP66 was designed for slotket? Whatever that is? I'm new to this, so please bare with me, but I've managed to get this far, which says alot about overclockers.com and the people who know their sh*t, cuz I didn't think I would ever get this far... I love it! Is this addicting?

Thanks in advance.
The Alpha PEP-66 is made expressly for hanging it on a Slocket. With a Delta 38 on top of it, the old PEP-66 isn't bettered-- by much-- by many newer, much more expensive HSF's.

Living with the banshee scream of a Delta 38 is trying. Fortunately, at least three etailers in the US now offer 60mm to 80mm(and 60-92mm, even60mm to 120mm) adapters. These range from $14 to nearly $40. The white ones that are machined from a block of plastic get the best review that I've seen, at any rate.

A caution about PEP-66's. You should remove the HSF every six months or so, and inspect the bottom of the fins. The fans on these HS's are supposed to draw air up and through the HS. I discovered a matt of dust that nearly blocked all air flow. Shame on me! Unprofessional attitude, you might say.

The PEP-66 only blocks one Dimm slot on my P3B-F, while a GW FOP blocks two. The PEP-66 is a very smart design. I may have to mod it so that it works in a vertical position on top of a S370 mainboard. Shame, really!
YES !!

Definitely go for the PEP66T!! Best socket hsf there is!!

I have a C600, mounted on a Soltek SL02A++ slocket, with an Alpha PEP66T hsf onboard that. Cools the chip extremely well!!

I also have run this on an Asus P3C2000 board, which has about the same dimensions as yours. This should fit and have no clearance problems whatsoever. I can't praise this hsf enough....replaced my Gorb with it, and it dropped my temps by around 8c !! Gained some speed in the bargain, too.

Go with the best right out of the box....

Thremal paste....this is required, you will burn up without it. The best there is, is stuff called Arctic Silver. There is a second version, (Arctic Silver II, naturally) which works a bit better, but the original formula would work great for your application. It's a bit expensive, but WELL worth it!!

Arctic I comes in 6.5 gram tubes for around $15, Arctic II comes in 3 gram tubes for around $8.... both will cover many, many applications. I got a tube of the first flavor...I've done three cpu's, two Northbridge hs's, and two vid card GPU hs's, and I've still got a LOT left over!!

BTW...The Alpha PEP66T usually sells for around $30 to 35, and it's worth every penny. It's designed to hang off of a slocket, so it's perfect for your application.

Good luck with your overclocking adventures!!

Mr B