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Need cooling suggestions for my case. w/diagrams :)

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Dec 20, 2000
***NOTE: Sorry if I double posted but my first post didn't show up, even though the search could find it.

First take a look at my lousy diagram, http://www.vulcan4d.f2s.com/pc.jpg
The arrows indicate which way the fans blow. As you can see Air flow in my case sucks, it's pretty cramped in there. The GoldenOrb blows air towards the cpu, but because the power supply is blocking the air flow I get higher temps than I should. I stuck on another 40mm fan right on top of the Golden Orb to have a dual fan combo which helps a bit, but since it's summer the temps still ain't nice. I need some suggestions from ya guys on how to improve air flow in my PC case, withough anything crazy like water cooling . Just plain fans, that's all. I don't want to replace the case either, seems like a waste . I was thinking of 2 ways I can improve air flow, tell me what you think?

Install 40mm fan on the side of the golden orb to push air down and out of the case:

Install 40mm fan on the side of the golden orb to push air up and out of the case:
what does your case have for cooling now?
first id suggest replacing the gorb, there not the best cooler out there, though they look cool :)

Oh and option 1 is the better
I'm not sure I understand your diagrams, but it looks like you are trying to push hot air down in option 1.

Also, PS fans usually suck air out of the case, i think.

That being said, warm air tends to rise, so work with the dynamics and suck air in low, and expel it high. It should be more effective that way.

BTW, I use gorbs too, so I feel your pain.
Best of luck
This is so simple its not funny. Heres what I am going to do because I an simply sick and tired of small fan bs. Im cutting a square right alongside my case the size of a 120mm. Then Im making a duct...made from cardboard and duct tape(like anything else is better....:)) its going to be sealed so all of the frsh air from the side of the case is going to be shoved directly over the processor. I would reccomend you try this...its much better than millions of small tiny fans. And much quieter as big fans are quieter than small ones. And a big BIG no no is that orb . Blaugh. Ditch it. Mine is a paperweight(i bought it before i started coming here) Makes a good paperweight lemme tell ya. All my freinds are amazed. I am going to do this plan when I get my glaciator(and i will post pics too.) If you want to wait till i do this and see actual temp results ill have it done in a week. Main thing i have to experiment with is making my other fans exhaust cause of all that air coming into the case. hmmmm