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New Member
Mar 18, 2001
what do i need to do to overclock my prophet 2 mx 32mb PCI video card? do i need a new heatsink & cooling fan? if so where do i get one? and if i overclock my video card, how much will my framerates go up?
bdt (May 08, 2001 03:50 p.m.):
what do i need to do to overclock my prophet 2 mx 32mb PCI video card? do i need a new heatsink & cooling fan? if so where do i get one? and if i overclock my video card, how much will my framerates go up?

Try using PowerStrip to overclock your video card. It is a windows program, I have it run on startup. You shouldn't need any extra cooling on your graphics card becuase raising your gpu will not really give you any performance improvements. Overclocking the ram however will make noticeable improvements.
so how do i overclock the ram? and what should i overclock it to? sorry im a newbie when it comes to overclocking.
well if you're so new to this. Than maybe you should do some research on the topic first before you start doing what you don't understand.
Your card already comes w/ an overclocking utility. Search for "Coolbits Registry Hack" on google and you'll find a link to the download. the registry add will unlock the OC tab in the 3D Prophet utilities.

I would also suggest you change your drives to the Windows certified 7.58 version. I have had nothing but good luck and oc'in w/ those drivers.

The Prophet 2MX is based on a .18 Micron GPU. Meaning, it doesn't get very warm. I run by 3d Proph 2MX AGP @ 190/205 up from 175/183. The memory is gonna need a heatsink and fan. Find an old Pentium heat sink or you can get em' online.

I run fans on both the GPU and Memory. Much more stable memory oc'in w/ active cooling...Good Luck
yeah i know that powerprotein, thats what im trying to do by posting this. I have powerstrip, and i think i know how to overclock the ram. tell me if im wrong: you go to performance profiles in powerstrip, then click configure, then on that meter with all the colors, there are two little things that you drag up or down. this is where im confused: which one do i drag up to overclock the RAM on the video card?
Here's a link to a site w/ the Coolbits registry mod. Instead of messing around w/ powerstrip w/ has much more information and capability than you really need now, try using the 3DProphet or NVidia overclocking utility.

1) Download the registry hack
2) load your new drivers
3) Click no when computer asks you to reboot
4) Double click on "Coolbits" to enter into registry
5) Reboot
6) Once your back up:
-Right click on the desktop
-GeForce 2 MX
-Additional Properties
-Hardware Options
---Once you arrive at Hardware options. You need to click "allow clock adjustments" and reboot again.
-Go back to the same place and there is 1 slider for Clock and 1 Slider for memory, not all the extra stuff that you don't need w/ powerstrip.

Hope this helps
i tried what you told me and it wont show the overclocking program but it worked with the older drivers... will i need anymore heatsinks and cooling fans willy?
If your GPU has no heat sink on it then I would take it easy. Most of the MX's come w/ at least a passive heat sink. I would open your case if you really want to try out a little clockin' and check the GPU and memory w/ the back of your finger from time to time. (pref. not after a handful of cheese puffs!)

You really should wait...or go to radioshack (if your in the US). They have heat sink/fan combos that will plug into a 4pin directly from your power supply for $5-15us.

Take it step by step. Don't clock from 183 GPU to 200. Try 185, then maybe 190. Download 3DMark 2k or 01 from Madonion.com to check clock/memory settings. But remember. If your not going to add some cooling, then DON'T go big for long. Extended heat might not kill your card instantly but will certantly shorten it's usable life.
yes i looked in my case and the GPU on the prophet 2 mx had a heatsink the size of the GPU itself. i felt the GPU and the RAM on it and they wernt very hot so i guess thats a good thing. now that i know theres a heatsink on it i think im gonna overclock it a little bit untill i can get i new heatsink and cooling fan (my friend had a perfect pentium for it but like an idiot he plugged it into a wall socket and fried it lol) but i still dont know excactly how much to overclock it i cant get that overclocking program so i guess ill just use powerstrip.
so let me get this right you put 120 volts AC to a 12 Volt DC unit?!?!? Umm I REALLY DON"T THINK you should be taking the cover off of your computer.

LOL it wasnt me it was my friend i actually know what im doing