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Need help Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive of the GPU

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Sep 3, 2002
Ok I've gotten the cooljag off (needed to be reseated), but I'm having a hell of a time getting the Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive of the cooljag and the gpu...so far all I've managed to do is slighty scratch up the gpu (should be ok, I hope) :(

What are some methods you guys suggest?
from what i've read, i believe putting the card in an anti-static bag and putting it in your freezer for 15-20 min. usually makes the artic adhesive britle enough to better work with it... someone else should come along to clarify i hope.

well I've stuck it in there for longer then 1/2 an hour and its still a PITA to remove =/
Your probally not going to want to do this but I removed the thermal pad/goo that was on the core of my radeon with 800gritt sand paper and alcohol.I would dab the sand paper in the alcohol(this is wet dry sand paper)and VERY lightly sand it away.Hope this works but it is a very dangerous method.
I might have to resort to that, would a higher (>800) grit be better/safer?

Any other ideas hehe?
Thx for the help
higher grit would definately be safer, but a pain to work with....have you tried Alcohol or Acetone?
achohol didn't work at all. I'll try and pick up some acetone and 800 grit and maybe a higher grit sandpaper Tomorrow or Tuesday.
Try the nail polish remover, alohol did nothing for the paste on my card, but the nail polish remover took the junk right off.

It wasn't AA tho, but I'm betting you will get good results with the acetone.
well I managed to get it off, and reapply. didn't have much effect on the problem I was having before. My other post goes into a bit more detail link
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