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Need help boosting fan speed on variable HSF

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Jul 10, 2001
I use an ElanVital HSF with variable fan speed. The lowest speed is rated 3200 rpm, the highest 4800 rpm. The thing is I have a cpu-temp of 60C/140F, which I think is to hot, and the fan is spinning at a low 3300 rpm. Does anyone know how to "hack" the fan to go to maximum rpm?

My system: Duron 800 @ 1000Mhz 266Mhz fsb
256Mb PC133 cas3
geforce 256 ddr 32Mb
20+40Gb 5400rpm ATA-100 (quantum+fujitsu)
Hehe,, I solved it, I just bypassed the control chip and connected the fan directly to the MOBO. Running at 5000 rpm now and my temp dropped to about 50C, which is still high, but better.
with temps that high i would be thinking about a new and better HSF as those temps are too high, maybe adding a duct with better case cooling would help too.

I'm thinking about a new fan, or perhaps a new paste like arctic silver would help? I use some cheap no-name stuff now.

I'm running at default voltage with all the L7-bridges closed, which is 1.95V I think. Can I go much lower?