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Need help building a beast surround sound setup for multi-purpose gaming rig.

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Apr 26, 2012
New York, USA
My sig rig has become our family "console", and our surround sound system died a couple of months ago. I'm going to stick with my Turtle Beach headset for competitive gaming (CS:GO), but we're missing out when we play games like Rocket League and when we watch TV and movies, and really missing out when we listen to music. The budget is $1000, and we need it to support at least 4 devices, including my PC. I'd like 7.1 surround, but am completely satisfied with 5.1 if it means better quality audio, particularly for music.

We don't have any shops in our area that display setups, other than Walmart, and they're pretty terrible quality wise. I don't know if I'd get more bang for my buck if I went with a boxed system or pieced it out individually, but I know enough about hooking things up to be fine either way.

So, what can we do? We plan on purchasing when we get our taxes back (mid February, I hope?), along with some upgrade parts for the rig and a new UHD TV. I did some shopping myself, but I'm not sure if what I picked is the best for my money. Any takers?


Aug 2, 2012
Is your primary concern directional accuracy in gaming, or getting proper dialogue from movies and tv shows?

If it's dialogue, you want to prioritize your center channel, as it will carry most of that audio. If it's directional accuracy, you want to focus on getting the most future-proof AV Receiver possible. Either way, $1,000 really doesn't stretch as far as you think for decent audio quality, and most audiophiles would say your best bet is a 2.1 setup initially of high quality, and then expand it from there.


Nov 28, 2001
Check out http://www.accessories4less.com and look for any units that have at least Audessey MultiEQ XT. Using just HDMI out, you can have full 8 channel audio from your PC to your Home Theatre unit. With the right video player, you can also automatically bitstream over the same HDMI connection, and let the HT unit decode and process the audio itself. I'm currently running a older Denon AVR-211CI, refurb from that site, but still working and looking like new. You should be able to find something easily that will fit the bill and even be a little future proof (4K 60p) for around $300 from there, which will leave you plenty for some good speakers. I personally run with Polk Audio Monitor 40 all around, with a matching CS1 center. You may still be able to find them new for cheap (not the newer 40 model, the original). Once the MultiEQ XT has adjusted the sound for my seating area, it's seamless transitions in games as audio pans from one speaker to another. :thup:


Unscathed Member
Jun 22, 2005
When it comes to audio there's a HUGE range it can vary from, but for under $1,000 I'd be pretty tempted to grab a pair of Fluance XL7F floorstanding speakers and a receiver such as the Yamaha RX-V677, as a start into investing into your living room. If you want to go for a somewhat "AIO" solution with a receiver, you can still grab say the RX-V677 and grab the EMP Cinema 5.

Do lots of research, there are soooo many options out there.