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Need help choosing case!

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Sep 3, 2001
Im looking for an aluminum case because of the better cooling.

Here's my problem:

. I need a case with decent air flow
. But i also want an extremely queit case (fan noise drives me crazy!)
. Price isnt too much of an issue
. I only have two cd drives and one floppy

How quiet is the Lian-li pc-60?

I'm using a lian li pc68, it's pretty quiet if I dont' use my vantec 6035 with a 7krpm fan on it. lol
If you have good airflow aluminum wont make a bit of difference in cooling. If you have terrible airflow it might make a LITTLE bit of difference. The only reason to get an aluminum case is the looks. IMHO
the PC60 is a great case, if you can afford it! Personally I chose the Lian Li PC31 mini atx, when I first built my system, but it grew too small for my watercooling needs. I just bought a new case, a few weeks ago, and while it's not as great as the Lian Li, it's still a good case.

Check out the other cases they have before you spend all that money on a Lian Li. Nice, but not necessary :p

If you're paranoid about fan noise, just buy your own! I would say PanaFlow has the quietest fans that I've tried. The biggest problem in my system is the power supply...I need to rip the dual fans out of there and replace them with quieter ones, b/c otherwise my case is silent.
Do all aluminum cases dim the sound pretty much the same, or does it just depend on what fans you have? Or are steel cases qieter?
Does any one know anything bout the OCZ 1000 case or seen any reviews?