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Need help. Computer Crashes, buzzing sound from speakers, usually while playing.

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Jan 20, 2012

Yesterday while gaming my PC crashed and I am trying to narrow down the problem. While gaming (League of legends..which is not really that graphic intense) the screen went to grey and I got this awful buzzing sound from my speakers. I had to restart the computer to get it going, and keep experiencing the same issues minutes after starting the same game up.
So I am trying to determine if my CPU, MB, GPU, or PSU is causing the problem. So far I have ran windows simple memory checker which had no errors. To test the GPU I ran Valley Benchmark and duplicated the crash minutes into the bench mark, I believe it was only at test 5-6 of 15. I was able to glimpse my GPU temp before the crash witch was around 80degC. Running PRIME 95, for only a little over 2 hours on TORTURE test BLEND, I came up with errors on 3 of 4 "workers" both stating "FATAL ERROR" Rounding was 0.5, expected was less than 0.4. I don't really know what these errors mean.

SO what else should I look at? What do you think?

I'd like to say its the PSU..because its the cheapest to replace and money is TIGHT at the moment. The PSU, and GPU are all about 4 years old now since date of purchase.

Current build specs are:

3 Fan XSPC Radiator with Apogee HD Block watercooling
I5 Devils Canyon 4960K
Ram=G-skill Sniper 1866. 9-10-9-28. 2 x 8GB
GPU = MSI R7970-2PMD3GD5/OC Radeon HD 7970 3GB 384-Bit GDDR5
PSU=CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX850
Win10 x 64 running on Crucial M4 250gb SSD
1 x Western Digital Black WD1502FAEX 1.5TB 7200 RPM 64MB

Thanks for any help!
Ill check out the reliability report linked and run it this aftetnoon

- - - Updated - - -

Cpu timings were set to 45. Has been thia way for well over a year without problem. I reset these to Auto. Still get the crash and buzz. Will try seting bios to default to make sure I didnt miss anything. GPU has not been overclocked bymyself. But is a OC edition.
If you are getting errors in p95, then you overclock isn't stable. It happening at stock though seems to rule that out.

I'd look at updating your gpu and sound drivers.

I highly doubt it's power considering your rig pulls like 300W fully overclocked on its worst day and again it did it at stock.
Yes, you need to remove the overclock on the CPU and see if it passes Prime95. If CPU is stable at stock then do some gaming and see if the problem is gone. Eliminate the CPU first as the issue.
Ok. Just got home. I reset bios to default safe settings. Booted up...downloaded "who crashed" which only showed me crashes from months ago..due to my webcam driver. So I thought id simulate the crash again to see if who crashed would pick it up. But first, I uninstalled my gpu driver...and was going to install an older version. While running AMD auto video card driver finder off their webpage... I go the crash this time no buzzing sound, white screen with grey vertical lines. I think the screen displayed depends on what was being displayed becauaw color has varied so far. Also, ive noticed after the crash it takes either several minutes or probably the several manual power on/offs for my video signal to be noticed by my projector/display.
Well as I said, Earlier I tried uninstalling my GPU driver to do a rollback, but while running AMD's "auto driver finder" the crash occurred. This time after several manual hard restarts my Display continued too and would not recognize a signal...as in "NO signal on HDMI 1" . So I got off my *** and threw in my sons old Radeon R9200 Card which gave my display a signal off the bat, allowing me to see the bootup...and after installing the driver for this card, I tried some games and so far NO crash.

So at this point... is it safe to say my MSI R7970 had blown? Time for a new card?

If so....
Its been 4 years about since I updated my GPU. I'm gaming 1080P on a 200" diagnol projector...I just bought my son a GEFORCE 1060 but I think I may Dish out for a GEFORCE 1080 and hope it still does the job for the next 3-4 years ...until I can afford to get a 4k projector if 4k ever becomes main stream and or VR becomes more developed. Comments on this card as an upgrade (which version/brand should I go with, Gigabyte? MSI? EVGA? ect... overkill?

I dont want to use this R9200 card any longer than I have to. It had its own set of graphical anomalies when my son was using it. No crashes though. My 7970 is pretty old. If I do upgrade do you think its worth jumping to the GEFORCE 1080 and hoping it last some years or going with 1060 since I am not gaming above 1080P and probably will continue to for the next year or 2 at least.

Thanks again for everyone thoughts.
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