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Need help cooling my processor!!!

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New Member
May 9, 2004
I have a 3.0E and it is running at about 125 and up to 140. I need it to be cooled alot but i don't want use liquid cooling. Any recomendations on what i should use as a heatsink and fan?


Jun 12, 2004
South Carolina
t_bird said:
I have a 3.0E and it is running at about 125 and up to 140.

That's a little on the warm side, isn't it? You might want to begin by simply checking the mounting of the cooler you're using right now...


Mar 17, 2004
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that's about 49°C idle and 60°C load, so not bad for stock cooling on a Prescott. Having the XP-120 or just a good thermalright with a powerful fan will lower your temps a lot. You can wait for the XP and put a good 120mm fan on it, or you could get the SP-94 and put a Delta HHE on it, both perform really well.

SP-94 review LINK

SP-94 sale LINK

Delta HHE sale LINK

Both arch and I own the HHE ( he's given his :thup: of approval LINK ), and I highly recommend it for cooling the thermalrights... look at the temps in my sig :) .