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Need help deciding my next upgrade path.

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Mar 1, 2007
My current box is in my sig and I have just started back into gaming and live streaming... My box just can't handle it. I am at 100% cpu all the time and using 7 out of 8gb ram.

I am torn between buying a 6700k skylake with an Z170-A Motherboard new DDR4 Ram or a I7 4770k and a cheap mobo to get me by... I don't play any extreme games, mostly StarCraft II, Minecraft, Unreal Beta.

My current box does fine if I just want to play a game and not stream, or stream but not game... But I want to be able to do both if I want. Looking to keep my current vid card. I play most games on high just fine (im not a high end best graphics type of guy).

What's your thoughts?

Figure 4770k build would cost me around $280-$300.
6700k would cost me around $550.

I would also be buying a samsung EVO drive as my current SSD is a first gen and SUCKS.


Dec 10, 2003
I7 4770k is fine for what you want to do however if you want to upgrade your video card and play the newest games then go with a i7 6700k.


Jan 3, 2014
Where are you getting a 4770k and motherboard for 280-300$? If you can do that, definitely jump on that!

The differences between the 6700k and 4770k for gaming arent going to be worth the 200$ difference (in performance alone) , but that 6700 platform will last longer, so theres something to consider.