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Need help fast! Which order for waterblocks in Koolance case?

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Patrick G

Dec 2, 2001
Springfield, MO
Does it go:
reservoir outtake > radiator > cpu > motherboard > gpu > hard drive > reservoir intake? Is that right? I'm mostly concerned that reservoir outtake > radiator > cpu is correct.
from what i understand you want the cpu right after the pump to get the higher pressure and flow through the w/b...

my 2cents
According to the Koolance manual, the cpu waterblock should be installed after the radiator.


Like Silversinksam said, this will give you the coolest water to your cpu. Flow through the waterblock will be the same no matter what. It's a closed system. Pressure in the waterblock is a bit lower, but the Koolance system is designed for lower flowrates, which resuces noise and also minimizes the pressure drop across the radiator.

BTW, anybody know the thermal efficiency of the Koolance waterblock?
Looking at the setup, I have a question to the order. Would the radiator be placed after the pump because the pump (Sounds like a submerged pump in a resevoir) adds heat to the water and the rad will help dissipate this heat prior to flowing through the cpu block?

If this is the case I would say Res, rad, cpu and then the remaining components.
I think the order of the manual and what KingB said is the way to go sicne the pumps are submerged and will heat the water slightly. Koolance cases aren't renouned for their pump power so pressure isn't high anywhere in the system anyway.
personally i would put them in pump - radiator - hardisk - motherboard - gpu - cpu - pump because if the cpu block is t the start then the rest of the blocks will get lots of heat.
Your lit.

If you want to cool your CPU you put it after the Radiator, period. If you want to cool your harddisk or mobo then get a couple fans.

If you wanna get good temps, then my tip's using 2 systems.