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Need help finding fan controller

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Feb 6, 2017
In need of a fan controller that can support 12V 2.8A fan. if my math is right that's 33.6W this 1 fan is pulling.
so far im only finding controllers that do half that on a single channel
and would like it to at least be in a range of 20%-100% fan speed
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Im not that smart with wiring my own stuff. i dont even have a soldering iron.
i wouldn't even know what im looking for here thanks for trying
i was actually just looking at the lamptron fc-fc2 i noticed it has 3 female 4 pin molex in one of the pictures do i need to have them all plugged in?
or would 1 do? I only have 2 open for use. i ask because the 1ST PC CORP. Lamptron FC-FC9B requires all of them to be plugged in.
I own at least 4 different fan controllers, non of them require you to have all the channels filled in order for it to work.
Oh not the channels on the controller. I'm talking about the 3 12v female connector that connects to the psu.
Do all 3 need to be plugged in?
Ok I see what you're talking about. Though, I only see 2 you only need to plug in one.
The fan is delta electronics. Model qfr1212ghe. I have another one it is unlabelled. But it's running in my computer from the CPU 4pin connector on the board. I have it running 20% from speed fan (app).