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Need help finding safe Displayport cable 20 pin killed my SSD)

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Jun 16, 2012
new jersey
hey guys its been a while since ive been on here, on a new account because i dont have the email my old one was under...anyway
Just bought a brand new viewsonic freesync monitor so i got a displayport cable off amazon plugged it in and BOOM i loose a SSD. I dont think it was just coincidence. i turn my rig on. the screen flashed and then some shortcuts whos paths where to my F: drive where now white icons on my task bar. Doesnt show up anymore in the bios. tried everything to get it running

so i look into it some more online and it turns out that display ports have 20 pins and the 20th pin provides power. power that can feedback into your desktop even when its not on. In my case it turns on my lights on my r9 390 graphics card. The safe way to go seems to be to buy a 19 pin cable. which i cannot find anywhere. its like they dont make them anymore. so im wondering if anyone know where i can get one or if anyone knows of a safe 20 pin option. like a higher quality cable that doesn't provide power back to my pc. something with some kind of fail safe. :bang head
I don't know why that would happened. Displayports don't kill other parts not related to it.

The lights on your graphics card are powered by the pcie slot and/or 6/8 pin pcie power, not your video OUTPUT. :)
I never heard about anything about this, I have a 290X and it was hooked up to a 4k monitor through DP1.2, but I got lucky in buying an Accell cable, apparently their cable the 20pin is not connected. But thank you for bring this to my attention, I will continue to use Accell cables when I upgrade my monitors in the future. Granted I did have a problem with my monitor and had to RMA it, but it was 2 years old, so I doubt it was the cables fault. This is the cable I use.