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Need help getting my peltier to work better!

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Dec 21, 2000
Well, i got my peltier about 2 hours ago, and i got these results on my Celeron II 600 cB0 :

600 @ 1.3v ---- idle -5C full load 10C
756 @ 1.5v ---- idle +2C full load 28C
850 @ 1.6v ---- idle 5C full load 36C

I didn't bother to test more. After letting my computer idle @ 850 for about 30 seconds, i took off the heatsink, to reset the peltier position, and found water. This scared the living crap out of me, so i put a piece of foam on the chip not touching the die. I haven't seen any more water, and i have been running seti forever, so that i don't idle. Anything i can do to get lower full load temps, but higher idle? My pelt size is 80 watt. I am using a crappy heatsink, but i will be getting either a Alpha, or a Fop38. I really don't want to get water!
Well, you could just never idle. Then you just need to get your temps down, and getting some more info would help on that.
Oh, just noticed your sig. You might try watercooling your TEC, as that'll allow the cold side to get colder. Making sure your PSU is supplying enough power would help, too.
I never let mine idle, that way my temps never go low enough for condensation to form. I have Folding@home running all the time. Folding cures disease and prevents condensation! :)
yeah fold to keep from stressing your cpu, hey, you are helping humanity in the process.
Forgot...I was going to mention, too, that if you don't want condensation, you should keep the temp no more than just slightly under room temperature...otherwise that's just what you're looking at.
The extreme temp swings are because your heatsink can't cope with the pelt. You would get a lot better results with something like a fop38 with the 80mm fan mod, with the most powerfull 80mm you can find. Better yet use a water cooling system to get rid of the heat that both the pelt and cpu are generating. You also shoul waterproof your socket with silicone and closed cell foam. Check this site out and you will find some howto's.
By saying i really don't want to get water, i meant water cooling LoL. My mistake, i didn't specify. I am either getting a fop38, or a wbk. These should cool nicely.

Any other suggestions?