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Need help instaling xp pro bad!!!

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Jun 20, 2003
Fontana, CA
Ok for the last 3 days ive been trying to install Xp pro on a pc with the following parts
ECS K7VTA3 mobo
256mb ddr generic ram
120GB maxtor dimond max 9 HD
generic cd rom like 45X/
s3 savage pci vid card
300w allied ps
1.6 applebred Duron proc

The problem is the xp instalation gets held up at the detecting devices screen ever single time. Ive tried diffrent instalation cds to and nothing same problem every time. Ive swaped about everthing except th vid card and the proc and nothing, hell i even switched out the mobo with another ECS K7VTA3 and its not working. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions as to how I can make this setup work? The pc is in me electronics class so ill have to wait till tomorrow to make any changes. Thanks.


Sep 16, 2001
Hard to say on an install like that. I would also check and make sure that the IDE cables are OK, the drives are jumped properly and that BIOS is at default. You dont mention a floppy, a bad floppy drive or badly installed floppy cable could botch things up. Also I have seen an install be confoundly, repeateably bad, and then DOHHHH, after cleaning the install CD it went great. You could also try using the Maxtor Utility to set up the drive. Also that S3 is easily a well recognized chipset, but is it an older model, cause I might also suspect that as well.