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Need Help Installing New Vid PLEASE!!!

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Feb 2, 2002
Ok, here is the deal. I just got a new Abit Siluro GeForce3 Ti200 to replace my Leadtek GeForce3 which performs and overclocks terribly. So I do the uninstall in programs for all the drivers and software from leadtek, and do the uninstall in Win2k device manager for the card. I turn off the comp and put in the new Abit one. I tried to install it but it kept saying the data is not valid for the drivers. It would auto detect it as the Abit Siluro GeForce3 ti 200 but would want the leadtek driver disc.

So I uninstalled the "unknown vga compatible controller" and put back in the Leadtek. Well it detected that as the Abit but asked for the leadtek drivers and than asked for the abit disc for some random tray Icon thingy. So right now I have a Leadtek Card in but in device manager it says Abit Geforce3

Please help. I am starting to hate the GeForce3 and feeling like Geforce2 graphics are worth the ease. Now that is sad
my fix

well I haven't reformatted for a week so I went ahead and did that since I was having a couple other problems with the OS before this thing. Like Kmode not handled BSOD. I figured this was because I was using a format prior to installing this(as in not format and install but install, it had been formatted when I was debating between XP and2k). So I did that and now all the hardware works great and is the right stuff. I shouldn't say great though. My 3dmark2001se score is below 6000! overclocked abit ti200 to 200&460(geforce3) . I think this might be because the z buffering is set to 32 bit(just noticed in comparison chart on madonion). So anyways. I'll post more info about this fact in the vid card area. I guess my setup just doesn't like changing vid cards without a whole new ball of wax.