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Need Help Lapping a Gladiator

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Apr 17, 2001
I have an OCZ Gladiator and think I am going to lap it. It is all copper. What grit sandpaper should I use and what should I use to polish it when I am done? Also, would a smooth piece of wood be a good surface to use? How much do you think this would help my temps? I have a PIII700 o/c and load temps can get close to 50C. I can't stand loud fans either so I am using the YS Tech fan with 2 80mm case fans.
well you first use glass because that is a flat surface! wood not flat. second I think sherwin williams is the best place to pick up 1000grit adn 2000grit sandpaper that is all you need maybe a couple of rough sheets to start out like 300 or so but it should shine when it is done. if you want it to really shine use toothpaste at the end and then clean the puppy and fire it up.

the low cfm fan isn't a ys tech! it is a top or something like that.
get 400 grit then finish off with 600 grit and that should be plenty thats how i did mine, there was a article on the front page that discussed how far to lapp and the best results were with 600 but ive also heard one guy said he just polished his and got better results then lapping with 600 and 1500, if your curious try them and let us know how it turned out for you.


Oh and as El said use glass never use anything else, you may get lucky but its best not to take chances.